Commercial Coffee Roaster 10 KG

EverRoast Commercial Coffee Roaster has a capacity of 10 kg of green coffee beans per batch and ideal roasting solution for medium-sized cafes and roasteries, which can roast up to 35 KG per hour.

Our high quality coffee roaster ensure you to get always maximum performance.

By adding additional features like PLC control or coffee roasting equipment such as pneumatic conveyor, destoner or afterburner, you can have full and advanced set of coffee roasting production facility.

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Price: 14 750 EUR (including shipping)
Commercial Coffee Roaster 10 KG
Commercial Coffee Roaster 10 KG
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Batch Capacity 10 kg
Roasting Time 10-14 mins
Heat Source LPG/Natural Gas
Roasting Principle Conduction & Convection
Drum Double Wall
Control Unit Manual/PLC(Optional)
Number of Motor 4
Voltage 110 V - 220 V - 230 V - 380 V - 415 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz

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Airflow Control:

It allows you to adjust the volume of airflow moving through your drum. You can increase or decrease airflow at any time of roasting process and have full control during roasting process and achieve consistent results.

On PLC control profile roasters, airflow is controlled by buttons on touch screen

Drum Speed Control:

You can adjust drum speed on the machine and fully control your roasting process. Drum speed can be set from 30 rpm to 70 rpm. Combined with the airflow control you can create consistent roasting profiles.

On PLC control profile roasters, drum speed is controlled by buttons on touch screen.

Flame Level Control:

Flame level can be adjusted during roasting process. You can decrease or increase the flame level at any time of roasting process. It helps you to control heating of roasting and get targeted roasting result.

Phidgets 1048 Data Logging (USB):

All EverRoast coffee roasters are provided with a PC connection USB cable, so that you can connect your roaster to PC profile program such as Artisan Software and Cropster

floor plan EverRoast 10 KG Commercial Coffee Roaster

Optional Equipment:


You can create your dream roaster by choosing any colors from RAL catalogue and having your logo on the coffee roaster.

If you request any further customization, we are here to evaluate your request and manufacture as you desire.

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