Industrial Type Coffee Grinder

EverRoast industrial grinder is produced to meet mass coffee grinding need of companies and it is perfect grinding solution for large volume of production.

Coffee beans are filled into hopper which has 15 Kg capacity. Coffee bean thickness can be adjusted by cylindrical handle situated on front panel and it allow you grind your coffee easily in different thicknesses like Turkish coffee, espresso, filter coffee.

All types of coffee beans and spice can be grinded.

Price: 6 000 EUR (including shipping)

  • Main Features
  • Floor Plan
  • Gallery
Capacity: Up to 300 kg per hour
Turkish Coffee: 150 KG/hour
Espresso: 200 KG/hour
Filter Coffee: 300 KG/hour
Body Material: Aluminium casting
Grinding Blade Diameter: 200 mm
Motor Power: 5500W
Voltage: 380V ( In case of different voltage requirement, please contact us )
Colour: Any colors in RAL standard

floor plan Industrial Type Coffee Grinder

Industrial Type Coffee Grinder

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